Planning on renovating your house and you want the best luxury kitchen design in all of London and the UK? You might have some extra cash on hand and only want to only make small changes in your kitchen design?

Here’s a guide on how to choose the materials, design, and furniture based on your budget and requirements:

Bespoke vs Mass-produced Furniture

This is largely decided by your budget:

  • Bespoke furniture is great if you have a special unique design in mind. Generally, they’ll cost you a lot more, but you’ll get a lot of flexibility when it comes to the shape and the materials used. If complete control over how your furniture looks and feels is the most important to you, you should go with a company that’s famous for making bespoke furniture.
  • Mass-produced furniture on the other hands doesn’t provide the same flexibility, but you can get them for much cheaper. If you want a low-budget high-quality solution, mass-produced furniture is the way to go.

Modern vs Period kitchens

Do you want your kitchen to have a chic and modern look or do you want it to have a sophisticated and refind historical look?

  • Modern Kitchens: this style provides you with more flexibility, and it is easier to find mass-produced furniture for modern kitchen designs. The problem is that, if you have a period home, a modern kitchen would look out of place and strange. It’s also much harder to stand out with a modern design. If practical and economical are the ways you want to describe your kitchen, this is the way to go.
  • Period Kitchens: handmade kitchens that are made to look like a certain period in history. If you want a kitchen that replicated the aesthetics of a Victorian south London kitchen design or an Edinburgh classic, this is the way to go. Period kitchens easily stand out and attract the attention of your visitors. The downside is you have to buy all your furniture and kitchenware custom-made, which increase the cost of the renovation substantially. 


Do you want long-lasting furniture or your main concern is how good it looks? How much do you plan on spending on it? Do you prefer environmentally friendly options? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on a material. 

  • Hardwood: the high-end choice, hardwood provides durability and quality while not sacrificing how the cabinet will look. Hardwoods have been the choice of artisans for centuries, and if you’re looking into building high-end bespoke furniture, they are the way to go. 
  • Plywood: made of layered wood bound together with glue, plywood provides excellent resistance against pressure and heat. Its downsides include the price and rigidity – layered wood doesn’t give itself easily to different and eccentric designs.
  • MDF (medium-density fiberboard): made from recycled fibres, resin, and wax, MDFs are the cheapest and most environmentally friendly option. The problem is that it’s heavier and denser than the other materials, and it usually has a shorter lifespan.