5 simple ways to cut the cost of your extension

5 simple ways to cut the cost of your extension

If you are willing to gain extra space then a house extension would be a great idea!

You can extend your home in a variety of ways not having to move out or throw away your goods.

Start from making a plan, make it simple in order to cut the cost of the extension. Curves and corners are very expensive to build that’s why its best to have your design be as simple as possible. A rectangle or square with a pitched roof would be the cheapest.

Besides from making a plan here are 5 ways you can cut the price:

  1. Stick to the plan
    Plan every purchase and every step you will take. Why? Planning your purchase doesn`t only mean to make a list of objects you are willing to buy, but it also means any other products shouldn`t interest you besides the ones you have chosen because the price may change and you`ll have extra costs. It’s important to stick to the agreed design if you want to keep the budget down.
  2. Saving on products and services
    One of the smartest ways to save is avoiding bespoke products. Design and create with off-the-shelf products, which is cheaper, as doors and windows come in standard sizes, however, it doesn`t mean that they’re poor quality. Avoid expensive construction materials and try roof lights instead of dormer windows.
    Another thing worth mentioning is trying to avoid complicated groundwork. You don`t want to increase your costs because you’re building near trees, drains, sewers, or any other buried services.
  3. Be a contractor yourself
    A builder for managing your project will add an additional 12-25% fee to the total cost of the work. Why not manage your own project instead? You will save money, your builder would only focus on his job and you would be able to control the whole situation. Even though it may take some time to feel your new role it may be a great way to save and gain new experience.
  4. Reuse, recycle and repair
    Don`t throw away old floorboards, doors, radiators, towel rails, kitchen units etc. All of these objects can be cleaned up and reused or even sold. Buying products that are in good condition, but have been used before will cut down the costs. Second-hand items help us save money and our environment. For example, items that offer good value include roof tiles, bricks, internal doors, timber floorboards, fireplaces, and roll-top baths. Some people even look through others containers just to see if they haven`t thrown away anything useful from their home renovation.
    Second-hand materials sold by private individuals will also be free of VAT.
  5. Discounts
    It’s a good idea to ask builders where those from trade get their materials because usually, they get them for the trade prices. Also, try negotiating discounts, you have nothing to lose, you can only save more money. Buying end-of-line deals will save you a fortune, especially on home decorations and supplies. Big brand names also have big prices, try finding something with as good quality for less and stick to the basic specification not going high on demand like with heated floor.

There are lots of ways you can cut extension cost like saving on VAT or doing the job yourself.

Velux windows alternatives for 2019

Velux windows alternatives for 2019

The window market is getting more and more saturated with products developed by smaller, independently funded brands. There is nothing wrong with going for more pocket-friendly options if they are made with the same or very similar standard of safety and quality. Even though Velux centre pivot windows and skylights have gained a fair and well-deserved level of trust for their premium quality from customers, their price range is well above many people’s reach. That’s why many of them are so keen on searching the market for Velux windows alternatives.

Price range

The cost of the goods is an important factor responsible for shaping demand. That pushes the manufacturers to offer more competitive windows that can answer to more customer needs. The best option is to compare the window prices by comparing the same model made out of the same materials and manufactured by different brands. Below you can see a comparison of similar products made using similar materials offered by three completely different brands.


Window style

Average price




£180 – £220

£80 – £90




£160 – £350

£70 – £200




£100 – £180

£70 – £75

Fill in the quotes

By getting in touch with a few providers, you will be able to determine who can offer you the best deal for the type of window that you want. This will not only allow you to specify the overall price of the goods but will also give you an idea of how fast the company works and when you could have the windows installed in place. Most of the brands offer the option of choosing the material that you want your windows to be made out of. Thanks to that, you will be able to see exactly which company offers you the best deal that responds to your needs.


This well-known, versatile, and solid manufacturer offers windows that can be easily adapted to customer needs. You can opt for both premium trim or something fit for a tight budget. The price range greatly depends on the features you choose.


A relatively new brand in the industry, it carries both standard and bespoke solutions for its clients. Reliable roof window choices offered by this smaller brand are priced at a very approachable standard, yet they are made with the same high quality as products made by its competitors. Their windows come with a great variety of accessories, which makes them a striking addition to your home.

Top 5 loft conversion tips

Top 5 loft conversion tips


Top 5 loft conversion tips

If you have a good-sized loft, then you have the perfect opportunity to make a living room there. A loft conversion will not only create an additional space for you but also increase the total value of your house if you want to sell it in the future. A loft conversion is one of the most straightforward ways of getting extra space and one of the most popular forms of home improvement in the United Kingdom as a result of its numerous benefits.

Loft conversion is a very complicated process, and the large amount of work involved often results in many people choosing to contract a specialist loft conversion company to undertake the task. One of such companies is London Expert Builders Ltd. London Expert Builders has the necessary qualifications and skills to offer a robust set of construction services. Clients can expect the highest standards of workmanship by their team, available at very competitive rates. As a professional construction company with years of experience, they offer a great selection of house extension and loft conversion services in a great number of locations. The London Expert Builders Ltd and their team of builders are exceptionally professional. The company, being a leading provider of loft conversion in North London, gives some loft conversion tips.

Is it possible to make a loft conversion?

You need to find out if you need permission to do that. All the loft conversions should meet Buildings Regulations requirements.  You need to take a measurement from the bottom of the ridge timber to the top of the ceiling joist; the useable part of the roof should be greater than 2.2m. In addition, if you want to make a living room there, you need to check whether it is possible to supply heating, light there, and water if there is a bathroom or kitchen.

Invite specialist loft conversion company

Another advice is to find a loft conversion company that will carry out a thorough structural survey of your property. Your safety and the safety of your family should come first. There are cases when repairs in the attic had dire consequences. This is due to the unprofessionalism of the workers. Perhaps they are good at finishing works, but they do not understand anything in loft conversions.

Think what you want

You need to think over everything in detail beforehand. First of all, what kind of room do you want? The bedroom, study, bathroom, or living room? If you hired a company, they should help you design the room. You need to think about this in advance. You cannot make a window elsewhere in the middle of the construction.

Detailed loft conversion costs

It often happens that unprofessional calculation of the costs can be changed even for 20-30%. So check everything and think about where to start, and whether you will afford this project.

A basic «room in roof» loft conversion is the cheapest. Counting the cost, the following points should be considered:

  • the reinforcement of the floor;
  • a couple of skylights;
  • added insulation;
  • a staircase to the loft;
  • electrics, lighting and heating;
  • fire safety measures to comply with Building Regulations such as fire doors and smoke alarms.

Don’t be disappointed!

Don’t expect any loft conversion company to be able to convert your loft and provide you with everything you want if you can’t afford it. It’s no good being disappointed like when you can’t afford a Ferrari but have to make do with a Mini! But the budget is not an only reason for possible problems. Sometimes your dreams can not come true just because of the structure of the roof. And only high-professional team of specialist will be able to handle that issue.


10 steps to add value to your home

10 steps to add value to your home

10 steps to add value to your home

House owners often raise the question of increasing the value of their property. Usually, they think about that when they are preparing it for sale.

How can we ensure that the investments and efforts made in improving will pay off as effectively as possible and increase the value of your home significantly? In this article, we are going to cover 10 tips on how to add value to your home easily and with minimum costs. Perhaps our advice will help someone to improve the situation, make the house as good as possible both for a living and for sale.

Garden maintenance 

It is necessary to begin with tidying up the garden and backyard – to remove garbage and refine the landscape design: cut the lawn, decorate paths, plant flowers, etc. You need to make it so that the house looks clean, neat and welcoming.

Front door renovation

You should also pay attention to the front door as it makes the first impression on your guests. If necessary, the door should be renovated or replaced by a new one, so that the first opinion of your home will remain positive.

Roof repair

The next step is the inspection, repair or replacement of the roof. This is one of the most important measures for the renovation of the house. The new roof will not only protect the house from heat and rain but also significantly transform it.

Replacement of windows      

Further – the replacement of windows. Windows are most likely to be affected by the environment and in any case, they require special attention. Repainting (or replacing) windows with simultaneous repair of window fittings is a great way to give the house an additional attraction and freshness.

Central heating

A big plus to selling your home will be to add central heating or update the central heating system if it is necessary. It will always add more to the value of a property than it costs.

Cleaning the house

This is the next rule – clean your home! Any buyer will like a clean and fresh house more. Such things as mold can spoil the impression of even a good home. In addition, you need to remove all unnecessary things. Particular attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the bathroom. This concerns the perennial rusty stains and yellowness in the plumbing. Having achieved the ideal cleanliness and correct lighting, it is possible to make this room attractive and exquisite.

Internal space extension 

And of course, the cost of your house is affected by its total area. Correct accents in the arrangement of furniture, competent supply of light and the placement of mirrors – you can significantly increase the internal space of all rooms in the house, including even a modest bathroom. Of course, the best option would be to paint the house before selling it. In this case, you should choose lighter and warmer tones.

Engineering communications

It is also important to examine carefully and repair all engineering communications related to electricity, heating, gas, water supply and drainage. If the house has security systems then such important item should also be in perfect working condition.

Kitchen and garage                           

They say that a woman buys a house with a great kitchen, and a man needs an impressive garage or workshop. Pay attention to these areas when you are going to show your house.

Other parts of the house.

Balconies and terraces, lofts and attics, a winter garden also need to be repaired and brought into proper shape.

The value of your house is made up of many details and elements, each of which introduces and changes something in the general atmosphere of the interior space. Having made all those transformations, you have the right to evaluate your home much more than before.


Hight quality builders vs budget builders

Hight quality builders vs budget builders

Any person who wants to build a new home for himself and his family, first of all, determines the available budget which he can spend on the turning his dream into reality. This often raises the issue of choosing quality builders. What is better to save on the construction or to hire a reliable but expensive contractor?

10 things you can do without planning permission

10 things you can do without planning permission

Many homeowners want to refurbish, extend or convert their property instead of moving. And this is obvious because your home should provide such living environment which will be comfortable and appealing to all the family. (more…)