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Stave Kirk

Builders & Joinery.
Creating and building is our passion.



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Projects, Building and Joinery since 1994

Creative architects, accurate builders and precise carpenters are amazing team. Our skills let us to create a dream building for you and your family. Trust us and you will not regret it.




Every build starts here.



Our skills and experience gives an amazing effect.


Wood adds a unique charm.

Our view of the World.

We create expational projects and build new building every month. We have many years of experience in the construction market. Many different companies trusted us.

For 24 years in the industry.

We started in 1994 as a construction company. Last time, we opened new departments: Projects and Joinary. Now we can do everything from scratch to the end. Durning this time we have gained an amazing experience and new skill.

5 simple ways to cut the cost of your extension

If you are willing to gain extra space then a house extension would be a great idea! You can extend your home in a variety of ways not having to move out or throw away your goods. Start from making a plan, make it simple in order to cut the cost of the extension....

Velux windows alternatives for 2019

The window market is getting more and more saturated with products developed by smaller, independently funded brands. There is nothing wrong with going for more pocket-friendly options if they are made with the same or very similar standard of safety and...

Top 5 loft conversion tips

  Top 5 loft conversion tips If you have a good-sized loft, then you have the perfect opportunity to make a living room there. A loft conversion will not only create an additional space for you but also increase the total value of your house if you want to sell...

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